A decent AI that solves daily “Wordle” puzzles. Works with different websites with similar wordlists.

When prompted with “Word:” enter the word you used for your last guess on Wordle.
Ex — bagel [Note: You can leave this and the status blank to receive a word recommendation]

When prompted with “Status:” enter the status [using characters: c (for correct), p (for present), and a (for absent)] of the word you used on your last guess.
Ex — (let’s say in our guess “bagel” that b and a were in the right spot, g and e were absent, and l was present somewhere) — ccaap

The bot will then recommend a word for you to use.
[Note: You don’t have to use the recommendation–you can skip–but you must enter the word you used to receive a better recommendation]

When prompted with “Found? (y):” you can click ENTER or type any key EXCEPT y to continue guessing. y will trigger the AI to stop executing the script.

From here, it just repeats. Usually the bot will get it within 3-5 tries.


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