This is a decentralized yield farm bot that has a built in stop loss and monitors volatility in the market. everything is ran local on your machine using web 3 calls to engage in yield farms and monitor volatility. The minute downwards volatility is detected the bot will pull from the yield farm and buy into a stable coin that’s pre-configured in the config.js file . You can change the settings in here if you wish to use a different stable coin. By default for the ETH Network it uses usdc, if you’re using the bnb Network it’s set for busd, if you’re using the polygon at work it is set for the usdc on polygon. If you change the settings keep in mind you want to double check you’re using the contract address of the correct stable coin on the network you selected.

you can download the zip file of the program here

one of the testers of this program made a YouTube video on how to configure it step by step here

if you prefer written instructions with visual support here you are

Part 1. Main software installations.

Extract the anywhere you like that easy for you to find.

Part 2. Editing the settings.

Open the bots main folder and find “config.js” file and open it with a text-editor:

1.Set your public address and private key or your wallet seed if you have a wallet that does not give you the private key

2.Set the Network 1 = ETH , 2 = BNB , 3 = POLYGON

3.Save config.js

4.Open index.html in any web-browser

here a screen shot of the program in action running



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