Try your Twitter profile picture in the below colab link. Read Getting Started Yourself before trying (scroll down).

Best suited for Twitter profile pictures. Try "Portrait" photos below 550px.

Please try Model 1 before Model 2.

Example Images

Hugh Jackman, actor


Robert Downey, Jr., American actor


Jennifer Lawrence, American actress

Jennifer Lawrence

Virat Kohli, Indian cricketer


Deepika Padukone, Indian actress



Toon-Me is just a fun project, the main focus is to bring a cartoonized effect to profile pictures. Most of the profile pictures in twitter/Linkedin are portrait images as it helps with visibility, Toon-Me is well suited for images similar to profile pictures. Two models has been combined to bring the cartoonized effect, one is ArtLine and another one is Toon-Me.

Technical details of ArtLine can be found on the below link.

Technical Details


I have created a custom dataset having 300 images.

Getting Started Yourself

The easiest way to get started is to simply try out on Colab:

-Best suited for Twitter profile pictures. Try photos below 550px.

-Best suited for portrait photos in T-shirt/shirt (below 550px)

-Check the below given example image, poses similar to the below image are more suitable for better results.


Try your Twitter profile picture on Colab

Open colab run all the required cells, In case of doubt check this video.

Steps to Follow (Twitter/Linkedin):

1 Open your twitter profile page

2 Click on your profile picture, Let it expand.

3 Right click on the image

4 click on "copy image address".

5 Paste it on the url space provided, and run it.


Installation Details

This project is built around the wonderful Fast.AI library.

  • fastai==1.0.61 (and its dependencies). Please dont install the higher versions
  • PyTorch 1.6.0 Please don't install the higher versions


  • Output depends on Artline.
  • Just Face cartoonization, nothing else.
  • Some poses can be difficult for the model to asses.
  • Good quality photos with proper lighting is needed for good results.
  • Does not work well with random backgrounds, for better results need plain background portraits.