Discord E-Store Bot

✧ Description:

Inspired by Virtual Diner bot, we have created a similar bot where Discord user can order items from their server and Warehouse Staff can pack their order with image(s) on realtime bot dashboard and can deliver it direct to their server channel where they placed the order.

✧ Highlights:

  • Separate channel system to store logs
  • Lightweight system used to avoid memory leaks
  • Realtime website Dashboard with simple and responsive design
  • Has all necessary commands inbuilt
  • Easy to configure Discord Login system

✧ Dashboard Images:

  • Order Packer

Order Packer

  • Staff Management

Staff Management

  • User Profile

User Profile

✧ About Project:

This project is developed using Discord.py (Deprecated). has been used to create the bot dashboard. However this project uses local database system to store records, you can switch to any cloud based database system by slightly modifying the code! At this moment the code is bit messed up and tricky to understand, I will try to make it cleaner in future updates… (Contributions are most welcome!)

✧ Installation & Running:

Open bot.py and Website.py and configure owner, guild and channel IDs

Go to Discord Developers Portal -> setup your bot & OAuth Callback

pip install -r requirements.txt
python Bot.py
python Website.py


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