This is a Discord bot built using Python. through this you can get information about the upcoming matches, scoreboard, live score, and many more things, just use the command !help on the Discord after doing all the below-given steps.

to use this bot you would need python installed on your pc and you would need a code editor for example vs code

  1. you need to fork my repository and then you need to download the code as a zip file

  2. extract the folder from the zip file and open it in vs code

  3. after that go to https://discord.com/developers/applications/ and create a bot from here after successfully creating a bot you would find your bots’id

just copy it in note pad

  1. add the bot to your discord server then go back to vs code open index.py file and replace # your bots id with your bot id and then you need to copy your general channels id and replace it with #general channels id and that’s it now run the code and enjoy


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