disctube is a discord bot for downloading video and audio files from youtube using python pytube.


i am not the best python programmer in the entire galaxy so if you notice any inconsistencies, minor issues or cool ideas to implement then feel free to edit my code or report them. i am also assuming you know how to set up a discord bot account. if not i will link a tutorial at the bottom of this readme file.

some minor things

a thing i feel is necessary to mention is that if you run this locally the download/upload/bot response speeds speed may vary (greatly) according to your internet speeds. i recommend running a server for the bot as it will guarantee a constant and fast download/upload/bot response speed. also if your bot application was made on a non-nitro account the filesize upload limit will be 8mb by default. i can not change this as this is an action only discord can do. the only way to increase the filesize limit is to buy discord nitro.


thank you for reading this. here is that tutorial i said i’d link:



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