this a discord bot sending meet link(coded in python)
this is a basic bot


  1. Aditya Binukumar
  2. Srishti Sharma
  3. Shiva Tripathi
  4. Tanishq Tanwar


most-important thing : install discord module

  1. create a bot on “https://discord.com/login?redirect_to=%2Fdevelopers%2Fapplications
  2. copy its token and give suitable permissions
  3. replace the link in line 14 with the meet link you want .. (it can be a google meet link/zoom link/ms teams link)
  4. enter token in the code provided with quotes
  5. use replit.com to run the bot in cloud without installing discord module
GitHub - DASHINGFIST101/DISCORD-BOT-1 at pythonawesome.com
this a discord bot sending meet link. Contribute to DASHINGFIST101/DISCORD-BOT-1 development by creating an account on GitHub.