Discord Dictionary Bot

Discord Dictionary Bot

A Discord bot that can fetch definitions and post them in chat. If you are connected to a voice channel, the bot can also read out the definition to you. Dictionary bot can also translate words and phrases to many different languages! Invite Dictionary Bot to your server! Check out the website for more information.


Default command prefix: .
This bot also supports Slash Commands. The syntax for slash commands is a little from the usage shown below, though mostly the same. The Discord UI provides usage hints for slash commands. Note that currently slash commands do not support aliases.

Please see the website for a list of commands.



Below is a list of APIs that are currently used by the bot. To run the bot yourself, you will need to provide your own API key for these services.

Additionally, you will need FFmpeg.


To install, simply run pip install . in the project's root directory. You can then run the bot using python -m discord_dictionary_bot along with the appropriate arguments described below.

Dictionary API's

This bot supports the following dictionary API's.

Name Description
google Unofficial Google Dictionary API
owlbot Owlbot
webster-collegiate Merriam Webster Collegiate
webster-medical Merriam Webster Medical
rapid-words RapidAPI WordsAPI

Program Arguments

Argument Description
‑‑discord‑token <token> Your discord bot token.
‑‑google‑credentials‑path <path> Path to the Google application credentials file.
‑‑ffmpeg‑path <token> Path to the FFmpeg executable.
‑‑dictionary‑api <apis> Determines which dictionary API's to use. Multiple API's can be specified by separating each API name with a comma. The bot will use them in the order provided. This is useful for when the preferred API fails.
‑‑owlbot‑api‑token <token> Your Owlbot API token. Only required if using the owlbot API.
‑‑webster‑collegiate‑api‑token <token> Your Merriam Webster API token. Only required if using the webster-collegiate API.
‑‑webster‑medical‑api‑token <token> Your Merriam Webster API token. Only required if using the webster-medical API.
‑‑rapid‑words‑api‑token <token> Your RapidAPI WordsAPI token. Only required if using the rapid-words API.