A Discord bot that rewards players in Minecraft for sending messages on Discord

How to setup:

  • Download this git as a .zip, or clone it.
  • Install the pip packages in requirements.txt with pip install -r requirements.txt or pip3 depening on how your system is setup.
  • Go to config.json and fill out the needed info.
  • Don’t change levels.json or accountdata.json from the default ones on GitHub on first use, the bot will manage those files for you. After you have some data in them, you can change the vaules or whatever, just restart the bot once you do.
  • Start the bot with
  • Your users must link their Discord account to their Minecraft account with the mcr!link <username> command. Eg: mcr!link MrRazamataz. They will be reminded to link if they haven’t every time they level up, otherwise the rewards won’t work. They can change their username thats saved by re-running the command.

Other things and Info:

Idea comes from this thread on r/admincraft

The code is simple, it’s not meant to be advanced. Yes, there may be better ways to code this, like not using .json to store data or not using so many global variables, but it’s simple and it works well.

The bot saves the levels.json file to disk from RAM every 3 mins.
Everytime a change is made to accountdata.json via a bot command, the changes are saved instantly.


[ ] A method to protect against spam leveling up.
[ ] An easy way for admins to add reward commands.

Let me know of suggestions by creating an issue in the Github issues TAB.


It is compatibile with every server software that offers support for rcon. Just fill out the info in config.json. It runs commands with the players username that is stored in accountdata.json. The commands currently can only be edited in the code (it’s quite simple) in


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