Mugen Bot

A small bot I made to practice python and allow people to publically select random characters on a discord server.

Uses py-cord, as that is the best supported discord library at the time of writing, and python 3.10.


First, install python 3.10. Then, install the dependancies using pip install -r requirements.txt.

Next, copy default_config.json to config.json. Edit the "token": "" section so that the empty quotes contain your bots token. ( walks through the process of creating a bot and getting the token.) You’ll also want to add the bot that you create to any servers, the invite link can be gotten from this same area.

Next, customise the other settings as you’d like. This will primarily involve changing the names to something else, and changing the other numbers if you want. Note that there must be at least characters_given many characters in the list, and characters_given can’t be higher than 24 due to limits with buttons on discord dialogue. (24 is a lot though so I’m not trying to work around this).

You can add as many characters as you want in the format given. Note that you can give characters with empty URLs, and Discord will just display the character name by itself. Discord also states that embeds should be HTTP only, and while using HTTP links seems to work, I would not rely on it.

Next, start the bot using python3 inside the folder, it will print any error messages that occur. Any servers containing the bot should now be able to use the /get_characters command to generate a list.

Note that the bot must be restarted to update config, and updating config will cause it to stop tracking current posts. Due to limitations with the discord API, it may take a few minutes for the command to begin working after starting. This is due to discord using strange, slow systems for global slash commands, and limitations on mixing server-specific commands with global ones.

Additionally, there may be some bugs as python discord libraries are in a state of flux due to recent major decisions by the discord team, which has caused certain developers to step down, and large changes to the way that libraries must operate. Because of this, the program uses the beta release of the py-cord app, which means that there may be bugs or other issues introduced. Unfortunatly this can’t be fixed until a stable release supporting the necessary features happens.


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