A discord bot to assist you when playing phasmophobia.

Add phasbot to your server here!

Bot Commands

  • ?help – shows commands

  • ?info [ghost name] – shows a list of ghosts to select to see details about it, or type a ghost after instead (ex: ?info banshee)

  • ?evidence – shows list of all evidences for you to select and then shows possible ghosts

  • ?map [map name] – shows a list of maps to select to see details and maps, or type a map’s name after instead (ex: ?info prison)

Get Started

  1. Clone the repository
git clone
  1. Install dependencies
pip install discord-components python-dotenv pymongo pymongo[srv]
  1. Add a .env file to the root directory of the repository with the following properties:

DISCORD_TOKEN=<insert Discord bot token here>
DATABASE_URI=<insert MongoDB URI here> 
  1. Run the bot!


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