A Discord bot to play bluffing games like Dobbins or Bobbins.


  1. pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. python3 DISCORD_BOT_TOKEN


All commands are case-insensitive, with trailing punctuation and spacing ignored. They must be DMs or mentions, unless otherwise noted.

  1. Begin a new game: @bot giddy up!. The bot will prompt for users.
  2. @bot in! or simply in! from each player who wants to play. The bot will acknowledge each one with a reaction.
  3. @bot ready! will tell the bot to begin the first round with the players in so far.
  4. The bot will announce which player is submitting a "truth." Each player can now DM their submissions to the bot as appropriate. If you send multiple messages, the last one will be used.
  5. Once a submission from each player has been received, the bot will present the choices in a random order.
  6. Now, DM or mention your guess number (@bot 2!)
  7. Once all guesses are received, the bot displays the results and current scores.
  8. Use @bot again! for another round or @bot giddy up! to start over.