A discord bot made in Python using the library made by Rapptz (rewrite version)

Made specifically for the discord server of the RuneScape 3 Clan Atlantis



  • Automated Team Maker
    • Gets information from the Bot's database for teams created with the !team command, such as which roles to allow to join a Team, listens for join (or leave) messages in the chat set with !team and automatically builds the Team with them
      • Also saves every message the Bot sent for join/leave messages so it can clear them all when a team is deleted by using the !del <team ID> command (Requires manage channels permission or be the Team creator)
      • Mark players as substitutes when they join over the Team limit number, automatically moving and notifying them when a slot opens up
Joining a Team Team List
joining_team_example created_team_example
  • Automated Raids (Game Event) Team Maker

    • Notifications for Raids one hour before reset every 2 days, bot picks up people who ask for invites to the Team and gathers them into a list (works the same as the team making command explained above)
  • Clan Adventurer's Log Feed

    • Sends Adventurer's log entries of every player in a Clan to a specific discord channel by making use of RuneScape 3's API by Jagex
Adventurer's Log messages example
  • Updated Merchant Stock

Notable Commands

Arguments format: <required> (optional|default value)

  • !team - Saves information about a Team that gets saved in the Bot's database, this information is used to automate team creation and joining of other people, explained in the automated team making task above
Using the Team command (gif)
  • !claninfo <player> - Gets clan information from a RuneScape 3 player and returns it in a formatted embed (makes use of RuneScape 3's API by Jagex)
Using the Claninfo command
  • !ranks - Checks which rankings need to be updated in a RuneScape 3 Clan based on their Clan Exp (custom configuration)
Using the Ranks command
  • !amigosecreto - Join the Yearly Atlantis Secret Santa event, automatically pairs people and notifies them when the the pairing is done
Joining Secret Santa Successfully Can't join if you aren't in the clan
amigo_secreto_success amigo_secreto_fail
  • !comp (competition number|1) (number of players to list|10 (max=50)) - Gets information from a RuneClan Exp competition (or lists them if you've passed no arguments and there's more than one running)
Using the Comp command Listing competitions
comp_example multiple_comp_example