Rage Multi Tool was made for Educational Purposes
This project was created only for good purposes and personal use.
By using Rage, you agree that you hold responsibility and accountability of any consequences caused by your actions.

SHOWCASE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0XH_AU1ulE


  • – [Self Bot] – A simple SelfBot for your Account buggy
  • – [RAT Tool] – Create a RAT file. Once the victim runs it, you can control his PC through a BOT Discord.
  • – [Raid Tool] – Easily raid a discord server with many Discord Tokens.
  • – [Server Nuker]- Easily nuke a discord server with a BOT Discord.
  • – [VideoCrash Maker] – Convert a video into an identical video that makes Crash discord app when played.
  • – [Massive Report] – Loop that reports the message of a user (it can ban his account).
  • – [WebHooks Spammer] – Spam the message you want through a WebHooks.
  • – [File Grabber] – Creates a TokenGrabber.py file to get a user’s token and allows you to convert it to an Exe.
  • – [Image Grabber] – Creates a Image to get a user’s token.
  • – [Token Qr Generator] – Generate a “Fake Nitro QR Code”. If a user scans it, you get his token.
  • – [IP Grabber] – Grab any user IP.
  • – [Account Nuker] – Quit the servers, Delete friends and DMs, Create 100 servers and change the settings of a user.
  • – [Disable Account] – Disable a Discord Account whit his Token.
  • – [Token Informations] – Get all the information of a Discord User with his Token.
  • – [AutoLogin] – Enter a user’s token and automatically log in to the user’s account.
  • – [Nitro Generator] – Generates and tests a Nitro code. If it works, you will be notified.
  • – [Nitro Sniper] – Snipe all Nitro links from servers, DM as soon as they are posted then test them.
  • – [Clear DM] – Delete all your messages sent in DM to a user.
  • – [HypeSquad House Changer] – Select your HypeSquad House.
  • – [Statue Changer] – Change the statue of a user with his token.
  • – [Cycle ColorTheme] – Cycle the color of the Discord theme (Black/White) of a user with his Token.
  • – [WebHooks Remover] – Delete any WebHooks link.

How To Install

1st・Installation (Automated installation)

Launch the setup.bat file, A new file will be created. You will only have to launch it for the file to open!

2nd・Installation (Manual installation)

$ git clone https://github.com/TT-Tutorials
$ python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python3 rage.py

Additional Informations

General Informations:

  • If you have a problem join https://discord.gg/raided or dm me ††#7777!
  • If you find any malfunction, contact me on Discord: ††#7777!

Script Informations:




NOTE: pyinstaller is not recognized as an external command!

open a cmd and type pip install pyinstaller or make sure python is added to PATH

You probably have python 3.10 which has some new tings so downgrade to python 3.9


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