It’s a discord.py simulator.

⚠️ Things to fix


As you may know, discord py commands provide the context as the first parameter
(when not using classes) however my code doesn’t have ctx as paramater, so to print use print() function.
The idea here is to do

await ctx.send()

Just to settle for the original syntax.

Infinite parameters

In discord.py when we want to receive several arguments and those are stored in one variable, we use unpack operator, look at the following example

async def example(ctx, first, *, second):

All arguments after * will be stored in second
So my bot doesn’t provide this yet


  • Needs to be below commands
  • Needs to be used to start using commands through console

? Contribution

Feel free to contribute at this crazy repository. Add things related to it or fix things mentioned above

How to use ❓


import discord
import asyncio
from discord import *

bot = commands.Bot(command_prefix="!", intents=discord.Intents.default())
# You may set help_command=None, but this simulator already provides a command display. Up to you
# prefix is mandatory to pass 

async def on_ready():

async def add(n1: int, n2: int):
    print(n1 + n2)

async def on_message(message: str):
    if message.startswith("hello"):

bot.run('token') # it doesn't need to be a real token.


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2. Nium#0000

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