☣️ Plague ☣️

Plague is a Discord token grabber written in Python3, obfuscated with Kramer, protected from traffic analysers with

Scarecrow and using the Riot token grabber, which moves himself

to the computer startup, and token grabs the victim in background, sending the new token if the password is changed.

⭐ Features ⭐

+ Fast

+ Extreme obfuscation

+ Protected from traffic analysers

+ Moving to the computer’s startup

+ Sending the new token if the password is changed

– Cannot be compiled to executable (with PyInstaller or Nuitka)

? Levels ?

This section shows the “levels” of this project, from 0/5 ⚪ to 5/5 ⚫!


  • Time: ?
  • Complexity: ?
  • Service: ?

? Ideas ?

Feel free to make a pull request on this repository to submit any idea!

  • Make the obfuscation even better

? Disclaimer ?

  • Please use this program only for educational purposes.
  • It is not meant to be used in any malicious way, and I decline any responsibility for what you do with it.



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