Hazard Token Grabber was made by



  • username
  • user id
  • Email
  • phone
  • nitro type
  • billing info
  • os
  • pc username
  • token location
  • ip
  • google maps location
  • city
  • region
  • local language
  • if they have verified email
  • if 2fa is enabled
  • creation date
  • their discord token from all their accounts they have
  • their password for discord (you get their password if they update it)
  • all of their credit card info (if they put one in)

?・Compiling it to an executable

Install pyinstaller by doing pip install pyinstaller
Then go into the directory of the grabber and type

pyinstaller --onefile --noconsole

replace with the file name if you changed it
3 folders and 1 file will be created, you can delete them all except for the dist folder
go into the dist folder and there is your exe ready to be sent to victims!

⚙・ More options

Add these into the command when creating the exe if you want

Pyinstaller Options
-n name Name that the exe will have (default is the .py file)
-i icon.ico Icon that the exe will have (do -i NONE for normal executable look)
--clean Clean PyInstaller cache and remove temporary files before building
--uac-admin Requests admin privileges upon running the exe
--hidden-import MODULENAME Name an import not visible in the code of the script. Can be used multiple times


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