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A Django app let you integrate AWS Elastic Transcoder in Django easily

A Django app let you integrate AWS Elastic Transcoder in Django easily

Django Elastic Transcoder

django-elastic-transcoder is an Django app, let you integrate AWS Elastic Transcoder in Django easily.

What is provided in this package?

  • Transcoder class
  • URL endpoint for receive SNS notification
  • EncodeJob model




First, install dj_elastictranscode with pip

$ pip install django-elastic-transcoder

Then, add dj_elastictranscoder to INSTALLED_APPS


Bind urls.py

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^dj_elastictranscoder/', include('dj_elastictranscoder.urls')),


$ ./manage.py migrate

Setting up AWS Elastic Transcoder

  1. Create a new Pipeline in AWS Elastic Transcoder.
  2. Hookup every Notification.
  3. Subscribe SNS Notification through HTTP
  4. You are ready to encode!

Required Django settings

Please settings up variables below to make this app works.

    AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID = <your aws access key id>
    AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY = <your aws secret access key>
    AWS_REGION = <aws region>


For instance, encode an mp3

    from dj_elastictranscoder.transcoder import Transcoder

    input = {
        'Key': 'path/to/input.mp3', 

    outputs = [{
        'Key': 'path/to/output.mp3',
        'PresetId': '1351620000001-300040' # for example: 128k mp3 audio preset

    pipeline_id = '<pipeline_id>'

    transcoder = Transcoder(pipeline_id)
    transcoder.encode(input, outputs)

    # your can also create a EncodeJob for object automatically

    # Transcoder can also work standalone without Django
    # just pass region and required aws key/secret to Transcoder, when initiate

    transcoder = Transcoder(pipeline_id, AWS_REGION, AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY)

Setting Up AWS SNS endpoint

AWS Elastic Transcoder can send various SNS notification to notify your application, like PROGRESS, ERROR, WARNING and COMPLETE

So this package provide a endpoint to receieve these notifications, for you to update transcode progress. without checking by your self.

Go to SNS section in AWS WebConsole to choose topic and subscribe with the url below.


Before notification get started to work, you have to activate SNS subscription, you will receive email with activation link.

After subscribe is done, you will receive SNS notification.


This package provide various signals for you to get notification, and do more things in your application. you can check the signals usage in tests.py for more usage example.

  • transcode_onprogress
  • transcode_onerror
  • transcode_oncomplete