Run the demo projects using Docker.

To get a first impression on django-SHOP, try out one of the six fully working demo projects.

git clone --depth=1
cd django-shop
export DJANGO_SHOP_TUTORIAL=commodity
docker-compose up --build

Wait a few minutes until everything has been build and media files have been downloaded. In the meantime find the IP address of your Docker machine using docker-machine ip.

Point a browser onto http://docker-machines-ip:9009/

Change DJANGO_SHOP_TUTORIAL to i18n_commodity, smartcard, i18n_smartcard, polymorphic or i18n_polymorphic and rebuild the container to run the other prepared demos.

Run the demo in a local virtualenv
Following the introduction instructions should create a running shop in minutes, prefilled with a dozen of products. You can even pay by credit card.

Current Status of Django-SHOP

Django-SHOP aims to be a the easy, fun and fast e-commerce counterpart to django-CMS.

Specifically, we aim at providing a clean, modular and Pythonic/Djangonic implementation of an e-commerce framework, that a moderately experienced Django developer should be able to pick up and run easily.

Whenever possible, extra features shall be added to third party libraries. This implies that django-SHOP aims to provide an API, which allows merchants to add every feature they desire.