Discord DM Bot

  • discord.py 1.7.2
  • python 3.9.5
  • asyncio 3.4.3


Cloud Host

  • Tutorial uploaded in YouTube, watch it by clicking here.

Local Host – Windows

  • Install Python 3.9
  • During the setup check Install launcher for all users (recommended) and Add Python 3.9 to PATH when prompted.
  • Download Repository Zip & Extract it.
  • Now Install dependencies – Run install.bat
  • Go to Discord Developers Page > Bot > Add Bot and then toggle Server Members Intent (refer below image), then get bot token
  • Add bot credentials to config.json
  • Then run bot.py
Enabling Server Members Intent


A Bot which messages everyone in a Discord Server, if the member has DM’s off or they have blocked the bot, they cannot be messaged


  • send
    Sends the message to all the members’ DMs.
  • dm

    Sends the messsage to the mentioned member’s DMs.

  • help
    Displays the available commands, you can provide a command name to get more info on the command
  • latency Displays the latency / ping

Note: The bot cannot DM bots, the members who either have their DMs turned off or the members who have blocked the bot.


  • You can turn off the bot logging after each DM in the command send, by setting the log_dms to off or disabled in config.json
  • You can adjust or even remove the delay (delay in between the multiple DMs) according to your will in config.json(in seconds).

Note : The more is the delay, the less is the chance of your bot getting rate limited (5msgs – 5s is the rate limit for messages).


Having issues with the bot lately? Join the Discord Server where we can help figure out your issue. If you have a major bug to report, it would be great if you can an issue here.


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This is tool was made for educational purposes and proof of concepts. I’m not accountable for any unlawful, unprecedented action and any violation of ToS administered by a third party.

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