DABS: A Domain Agnostic Benchmark for Self-Supervised Learning

This repository contains the code for DABS, a benchmark for domain-agnostic self-supervised learning algorithms. The basic components of the benchmark can be found in datasets, encoders, and algorithms. Training is implemented with the PyTorch Lightning framework, logging with Weights and Biases, and configuration management with Hydra.


We provide support for Python >= 3.7. Install requirements with

python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

For instructions on how to install PyTorch versions compatible with your CUDA versions, see pytorch.org.


We provide a set of dataset implementations (in src/datasets) from image, text, speech, sensor, medical imaging, and image-text domains. Preprocessing operations on these datasets are minimal and hard-coded as simple resizing (i.e. of images) and truncations (i.e. of text, audio). These should not be changed so as to maintain fair comparisons across other users of the benchmark.

See conf/datasets/*.yaml for all dataset configs, including the loss, metrics, and batch size used for each dataset.

Almost all datasets will download automatically when the dataset class is instantiated. The exceptions are the CheXpert, ImageNet, and CU Birds datasets, where manual registration or download is required. See the respective dataset files for specific instructions.

Pretraining Dataset (unlabeled) Transfer Dataset (labeled)
CIFAR10 Aircraft, CIFAR10, CU Birds, DTD, Traffic Sign, VGG Flower
MSCOCO MSCOCO (mismatched detection), VQA (Binary classification)
Wikitext-103 GLUE (10 Tasks)
mC4 PAWS-X (7 Tasks)
CheXpert CheXpert (atelectasis, cardiomegaly, consolidation, edema, and pleural effusion), ChestX-ray8 (atelectasis, cardiomegaly, effusion, infiltration, mass, nodule, pneumonia, pneumothorax)
LibriSpeech Audio MNIST, Fluent Speech (Action, Object, Location), Google Speech Commands, LibriSpeech, VoxCeleb1


During the pretraining phase, self-supervised encoders are trained to learn good representations from unlabeled data. We currently support seven datasets for pretraining, one for each domain: MS COCO, ImageNet, CheXpert, PAMAP2, mC4, WikiText-103, and LibriSpeech. If the pretraining dataset has associated labels, an online linear evaluator is jointly trained with the encoder to provide a heuristic of transfer performance.

Run pretraining with commands like

python pretrain.py exp.name=<experiment-name> dataset=<dataset> algorithm=<algorithm>

Each dataset and encoder has its own config file, so to train a Transformer on the CheXpert dataset with the e-Mix algorithm, run

python pretrain.py exp.name=emix-chexpert encoder=transformer dataset=chexpert algorithm=emix

See conf/pretrain.yaml for all pretraining configuration fields.

For more information on the datasets, encoders, and algorithms, see the following section.

Pretraining Dataset Modality Label type (unused) Input Type
CIFAR10 Natural images Single label 2d
PAMAP2 Sensor Single label 2d
MSCOCO Captioned images Single label 2d +
WikiText-103 English Text No label tokens
mC4 Multilingual Text No label tokens
CheXpert Medical images Multi label 2d
LibriSpeech Speech No label 2d

Transfer Learning

After pretraining, a small linear classifier is trained on top of the frozen encoder. Run transfer learning from a randomly initialized encoder with

python transfer.py exp.name=<experiment-name> dataset=<dataset> ckpt=null 

See conf/transfer.yaml for all transfer learning configuration fields and optionally replace null with the path to your pretrained encoder checkpoint.

Dataset Modality Label type Evaluation metric Input Type
Aircraft Natural images Single label Accuracy 2d
CU Birds Natural images Single label Accuracy 2d
DTD Natural images Single label Accuracy 2d
Traffic Sign Natural images Single label Accuracy 2d
VGG Flower Natural images Single label Accuracy 2d
Pamap2 Sensor Single label Accuracy 2d
MS COCO Captioned images Binary label Accuracy 2d +
VQA Captioned images Binary label Accuracy 2d +
CheXpert Medical images Multi label AUROC 2d
ChestX-ray8 Medical images Multi label AUROC 2d
PAWS-X Multilingual Text Binary label Accuracy tokens
COLA English Text Binary label Pearson correlation tokens
MNLI Matched English Text Single label Accuracy tokens
MNLI Mismatched English Text Single label Accuracy tokens
MRPC English Text Binary label Accuracy tokens
QNLI English Text Binary label Accuracy tokens
QQP English Text Binary label Accuracy tokens
RTE English Text Binary label Accuracy tokens
SST2 English Text Binary label Accuracy tokens
STSB English Text Regression Spearman correlation tokens
WNLI English Text Binary label Accuracy tokens
Audio MNIST Speech Single label Accuracy 2d
Fluent Speech Speech Single label Accuracy 2d
Google Speech Commands Speech Single label Accuracy 2d
LibriSpeech Speech Single label Accuracy 2d
VoxCeleb1 Speech Single label Accuracy 2d


A domain-agnostic SSL method should have an encoder which remains as constant as possible across domains. We provide a general transformer encoder baseline (in src/encoders). The transformer operates on a sequence of vectors that are produced by a small set of embedding modules (e.g. patch or token embeddings).

Pretraining algorithms

The pretraining algorithm is the framework and objective that the encoder is trained with. Examples of domain-specific algorithms include SimCLR, BYOL, and MoCo, but these are not domain-agnostic methods as they depend on vision-specific augmentations. We provide our own domain-agnostic implementations of recent algorithms, including e-mix (a generalization of i-mix) and Shuffled Embedding Detection (ShED; a generalization of ELECTRA), which randomly permutes a subset of the input embeddings and trains the model to identify the permuted embeddings.


Below are results for algorithms trained on each dataset in DABS. The baseline performance is obtained via a randomly initialized encoder.

Pretrain Dataset Transfer Dataset Encoder Baseline Performance e-mix Performance ShED Performance
ImageNet CIFAR10 Transformer 24.20% 39.43% 39.63%
ImageNet CU Birds Transformer 1.62% 3.86% 2.95%
ImageNet VGG Flowers Transformer 9.03% 25.96% 13.03%
ImageNet DTD Transformer 7.39% 8.83% 18.35%
ImageNet Traffic Sign Transformer 14.33% 65.07% 27.51%
ImageNet Aircraft Transformer 2.70% 10.15% 5.60%
PAMAP2 PAMAP2 Transformer 69.81% 79.48% 88.69%
MSCOCO VQA Transformer 57.50% 48.90% 54.30%
CheXpert CheXpert Transformer 68.14% 72.40% 72.40%
CheXpert ChestX-ray8 Transformer 57.00% 63.00% 63.70%
Wikitext-103 GLUE (average) Transformer 42.29% 44.08% 48.37%
mC4 PAWS-X (average) Transformer 58.11% 56.16% 59.91%
LibriSpeech Audio MNIST Transformer 33.13% 80.35% 67.33%
LibriSpeech Fluent Locations Transformer 62.09% 60.93% 60.24%
LibriSpeech Fluent Actions Transformer 26.15% 29.87% 30.53%
LibriSpeech Fluent Objects Transformer 30.13% 39.89% 39.36%
LibriSpeech Google Speech Commands Transformer 4.87% 19.22% 20.73%
LibriSpeech LibriSpeech Transformer 17.12% 60.18% 34.77%
LibriSpeech VoxCeleb1 Transformer 0.59% 2.43% 2.81%


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