PythonRed Version

A fan-made, text-adventure Pokémon game in Python! Based on Pokémon Red, but with elements from most of the official and spin-off Pokémon games.

Important Notes:

  • This is not a perfect recreation of Pokémon Red; it's a fan-made game that, like Pokémon Red, takes place in the Kanto region.
  • Prior in-depth knowledge of the Pokémon franchise, especially the video game series, is recommended and may be required to fully enjoy this game.
  • Windows OS only!! This game makes use of Python's winsound module, which is exclusive to Windows.
  • This project (this GitHub Repository and anything found within) is not endorsed by Nintendo, GAME FREAK, or The Pokémon Company. This is an independent, fan-made game.
  • This game's plot is a work of fiction! Any references to real people or historical events are completely accidental.

To Install:

Step-by-Step Installation

1. Installing Python IDLE

First, ensure you have Python installed. If not, you can find the latest installer here. Tick the box that says Add Python to PATH during installation.

However, if you are using a work/school computer and are not an Admin, you don't need to tick py launcher, which requires Administrative privileges to install. All py launcher does is let you use Python IDLE from the Command Line, which is not required for this game.

This also installs pip, the package installer for Python, which is required in the next step.

2. Installing Dependencies

Open a Shell Terminal and individually run any below commands:

pip install playsound
(More commands will be added above as they are needed)

If it all runs smoothly with no errors, continue to the next step.

3. Installing 7-zip

Pokémon PythonRed is released as an SFX '.exe' file, which requires 7-zip to open. Work/school computers can already have 7-zip installed, but if not, the latest version can be found here.

4. Downloading Pokémon PythonRed

When that's all done, to download the game, please download the latest (top) Release, and click the download link! These links redirect to OneDrive, as they are too large to be hosted on GitHub.


(Scrolling past is not recommended if you have never played Pokémon Red!)


Resources Used:



Current Priorities:

  • Wild Pokémon encounters
  • Pokémon locations
  • Battle mechanics
  • Saving progress


  • [x] Start menu
  • [x] Intro
  • [x] Pallet Town
  • [x] Route 1
  • [x] Viridian City
  • [ ] Route 2
  • [ ] Viridian Forest
  • [ ] Pewter City
  • [ ] Route 3
  • [ ] Mt. Moon
  • [ ] Route 4
  • [ ] Cerulean City


Pokémon Data

The entire Kanto Pokédex is stored as a variable (list-of-lists), with a list item for each species:

pokemon = [[],[],[]...]

Each [] includes this:

[Pokédex #, Name, Type, Total Stats, Base HP, Base ATK, Base DEF, Base SP. ATK, Base SP. DEF, Base SPD]

Catch Rate will be based on Total Stats, as the Generation 1&2 Catch Rate formula is too complex, and it gets worse from then on.

For simplicity, Pokémon will only have one type each, and one attack each (a type-type attack).