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PyMine – The fastest, easiest to use, Python-based Minecraft Server!


Note: This list is not always up to date, and doesn’t contain all the features that PyMine offers

  • Joinablethe login process is complete, but users can not yet join the world
  • Packet Modelsmissing some clientbound packets
  • Status + Login Logiccompleted
  • Play Logiccurrently a work in progress
  • World Generationsuperflat world generation has been started
  • Entities/Entity AInot started yet
  • Plugin APIcompleted, but more will be added as the development continues
  • Command/Argument Parsingcurrently a work in progress
  • Query Supportcompleted
  • RCON Supportnot started yet


  • We’d love to have your help! Please read to get started!

Installation / Usage

Check out the docs for more info

Installing from source

  • First, clone the repository git clone and move into that directory (cd PyMine)
  • Next, install the required Python packages via pip (python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt)
  • To run the server, you should run python3 pymine.
  • It is recommended you do not use regular Python, but PyPy3

API/Plugin Examples


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):