The Podcaster API


This is a FastAPI application that provides a RESTful API for the Podcasts from different podcast’s RSS feeds.
The API response is in JSON format and only contains top 5 podcasts from the source.

About the project

  • This project uses feedparser to parse RSS feeds and save the parsed content in a json file.
  • The json file is saved in the data folder.
  • In the file, there’s a function called bootstrap_and_schedule which is run every day to update the json file.
    The main reason for using json file in this project is to make the application simpler and faster.
  • Serving the JSON response directly from the json file is faster.

TODO: In the future, we can use more robust data storage like Redis or PostgreSQL.

Running it locally

  1. Install Poetry on your local machine.

  2. Go into the root directory of the project and run the following command to install the dependencies:

    poetry install
  3. Run the application:

    uvicorn main:api --host localhost --port=8000 --log-config log_config.json --reload
  4. Visit localhost:8000 in your browser.

  5. If you want to run tests locally, run the following command:

    pytest -v --cov --cov-report=term-missing

This is what index page looks like:


Play around with the API to see the response.


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