Introducing Singify, the party game! Challenge your friend to who knows songs better. Play random songs from your very own Spotify playlist and duel friends to see who can finish the lyrics first!

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Devpost Submission: Singify


How to Play

A two-player game for you and your friends! After telling Singify which playlist you would like to play from, it will choose a random song and start playing a random part of the song for a few seconds, then stop it. Once the song stops, Singify uses visual artificial intelligence to detect who raised their hand first, and allow them to finish the lyrics. If the player gets it wrong, it’s the next player’s turn to give it a try. Once the point is given, Singify plays the next song. See who is the lyrical genius!


We used machine learning to detect human poses for raising hands, which we trained using our own recorded pose data. A pose uses a body’s position in a live camera feed to set skeletal landmark points, which we used to recognize if your hand is up or not. We used speech recognition to take user voice input and parse the speech through pattern matching, and detect matches with the corresponding song lyrics.

Tools and Dependencies

  • Spotify API
  • YouTube Search API
  • YouTube Transcript API
  • SF Speech Recognizer
  • Google Teachable Machine
  • Python Levenshtein

Our Team

Josh Wong
Christian Honein
Wesley Luu
Wilson Szeto

Getting Started


  • Spotify Premium
    • (this is essential, as you can’t perform functional features of this app with a Spotify Free Account)
  • pip or pip3

Installing Dependencies

  • youtube-transcript-api
  • youtube-search
  • fuzzywuzzy
  • python-Levenshtein

pip3 install youtube-transcript-api youtube-search fuzzywuzzy python-Levenshtein

Run the App

git clone

Install Dependencies (see above)

cd Singify

Make folder named store and create a blank store.txt file in it

Setting up Spotify API Authorization:

  • Set up a new
  • Set Redirect URI: and Save
  • Copy Client ID and Paste into first line of store.txt
  • Copy Client Secret and Paste into second line of store.txt
  • Save the file (store.txt)

In terminal, make sure you are in the /Singify directory and:

  • (or python or py)

A page should automatically open in the browser. Copy that URL and Paste into current terminal

Upon success, all further runs of the program can be started using:

  • (or python or py)


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