Vex AI or Vexiology AI is an Artifical Intelligence created to generate custom made flag design texts. It uses DeepAIs API. Please be aware that you must include your own DeepAI API key. See instructions below for more information.

Pregenerated flags

You can see folders called “Americas flags” and “European Union Country Flags” These are folders filled with flags that were generated by me for Reddits r/vexiology. You can see the posts for the Americas here and for the European Union Countries

Installation instructions

  1. Download the zip of the github archive and unzip it to a folder that does not require admin perms to modify
  2. Unzip to a /flags folder
  3. Pip install the requirements.txt file (pip install -r requirements.txt)
  4. Add your API key to the script
  5. Run the script in command prompt.

Keep in mind you may need to run the script multiple times to get a prompt that is useable.


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