A free and open-source chess improvement app that combines the power of Lichess and Anki.

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CLI Demo (watch whole video on Youtube)


Anki Cards Demo (watch whole video on Youtube)



Check out the documentation:

Setup chessli How to set chessli up
Games & Mistakes How to learn from your games
Openings How to build an opening repertoire
Tactics How to get better at tactics
Anki Cards How to use chessli’s anki cards


  • Automatically fetch your games and played tactics puzzles from lichess via the berserk python client for the Lichess API.!
  • Find your mistakes by parsing your games and analysing them with python-chess.
  • Build a simple opening repertoire and list your known openings
  • Spaced repetition & Retrieval Practice: Automatically (via apy) or manually (via csv export) add your game mistakes, your openings and your tackled lichess puzzles into Anki
  • Stats and visualizations: Seamlessly show lichess leaderboards or plot your rating history.

Getting Started


  1. Install pip. See here for help.

  2. Install chessli with pip:

pip install chessli

That’s it!

Basic Usage

To get help about chesslis commands, open your console and type:

chessli --help

The same works for subcommands, e.g., :

chessli games --help

You can find an overview of all availabe cli-commands here in the docs.


Now as you are familiar with the basics, you might want to walk through the tutorial to get the most out of chessli! Start with setting up chessli.


Lichess A free, no-ads, open source chess server that let’s everyone play chess! Think about whether to become a patron! ?
Anki A free and open-source flashcard program using spaced-repetition, a technique from cognitive science for fast and long-lasting memorization. I couldn’t imagine learning without it anymore.
Anki Card Templates The interactive chess functionality on Chessli’s anki cards is based from these fantastic cards.
python-chess Most of the heavy lifting, e.g. parsing games, finding mistakes, extracting openings, etc. is done with python-chess.
berserk The communication between lichess and chessli is performed via berserk
typer The chessli cli is built with the great typer
rich The rich colors and fancy tables are made possible by rich
apy Importing cards directly into anki without csv-export can be done via apy