Find a Doc - Localization

Find a Doc is a free online resource aimed at helping connect the foreign community in Japan with health services in their native language.

Translations are initially created by machine in a special file format, and then edited by volunteers to be published on the site.

Translator Guide

The easiest and fastest way to contribute is through Git. Simply clone this repo and open a PR to merge your changes.

If you're new to Git, here are some easy steps you can take to get started:

Beginner Git

  1. Go into the locales folder and click on the language file you wish to contribute to. It will take you to a screen that will show you its content. (Note if you are creating a new language file, copy from en.json and please name the new file using the two-letter language codes defined here)


  1. Click the edit button so you can directly edit the translation through your browser. Use the en.json file and the website as the reference content.


Make sure to only edit the part inside of the quotation marks of your selected language.

You might notice the files are in a special format so the computer can read it. This format is called JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and contains
a key on the left side, and a value on the right side. Notice that the key names are in English, and sometimes the letters are squished together like this noSpacesHere. Please only edit the values, not the keys. Note the example below has a key of "vaccine" and a value translated into Japanese.

   "key": "value",
   "vaccine": "ワクチン"

If this is confusing or you get stuck, we are here to help. See contact information below ?

  1. Select the Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request option at the bottom of the page. Then click the Propose changes button.


  1. Optional - Add any comments you want to make on the pull request screen.


  1. Click the Create pull request button.

Thank you! Your changes will be reviewed!

If you have any trouble with this document, please file an issue or reach out to @stonecoldkilzer on Twitter