My try to make a free, open source and libre CRM for universities and schools!

Warning: It’s not ready to use in this step!

What’s LibreStudy?

LibreStudy is a customer relationship management (CRM) written with Django. It tries to provide all necessary requirements to universities/schools to have the best relationship between them and their students.

What can LibreStudy Do in the Future?

  • Manage Students.
  • Manage Professors/Teachers.
  • Manage Parents.
  • Manage Employees.
  • Manage Credit of Students.
  • Manage Online/Offline Exams.
  • Manage Online/Offline Library.
  • Manage Offline Classes.
  • Manage Dorms.
  • Manage Majors.
  • Manage Courses.
  • Manage Lessons.
  • Manage Exercises.
  • Manage Notifications by SMS and Email.
  • Manage Profile of University/School.
  • Manage Analytics of Study.


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