Luftmensch 1.4.4 (Instalable) | 1.4.3 (English) | 1.4.1 (Portable)

:izakaya_lantern: Description

LuftMensch is a free, open source GUI Application built entirely on Python and capable of:

  • Merging PDF files. :pushpin:
  • Converting PDF into PDF/A (requires MS Word installed). :pushpin:
  • Having all the pages of a PDF adopt vertical A4 dimensions without messing up its content. :pushpin:
  • Merging and converting images into a single PDF file. :pushpin:
  • Compressing PDF files (available in 300 dpi, 150 dpi and 72 dpi options) :pushpin:
  • Automating work-related tasks that require .txt manipulation (Spanish target users only). :pushpin:

Its flexibility and capability of dealing with many scenarios means exceedingly simple usage instructions for end user.

The entirety or just portions of the present code can be applied to a wide range of contexts, in both work and academic environments.

As of September 2021, LuftMensch is under active development.

Target users:

  • English: General Public.
  • Spanish: personnel from the Tax and Customs Office of Peru.

Source code:

You may find the ESP version (portable & instalable) code more compelling than its ENG counterpart for it is far deeper and almost twice as big.

New in version 1.4.3 (English)

  • Released an English or "General Public" version of LuftMensch.

Lo nuevo en la versión 1.4.4 (Instalable)

  • La versión instalable ahora cuenta con tres funcionalidades exclusivas: detalle de FE recibidas & emitidas y compresión de PDFs.

Lo nuevo en la versión 1.4.1 (Portable)

  • Se optimizó la opción 6 (creación de archivos .zip de valores).


Download the latest "General Public" version in English

Descarga la última versión instalable en Español

Descarga la última versión portable en Español


Windows only.


  • PyQt5
  • PyMuPDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • win32com
  • python-docx
  • Ghostscript


GitHub - lheredias/Luftmensch: Useful PDF-related productivity tool.
Useful PDF-related productivity tool. Contribute to lheredias/Luftmensch development by creating an account on GitHub.