Pancakeswap Sniper Bot

PancakeSwap sniper bot.

Automated sniping bot to snipe crypto coin launches.

How it works

The sniping bot can be used in three different cases:

  1. In a fair launch. the token address is announced just at the time of launch, usually via telegram or other social networks. Copy & Pasting quickly is crucial in order to be the first buyer and obtain the best price (hopefully close to listing price) before all the hype. However, using PancakeSwap is slow and doing it manually wastes some very important seconds. The bot only needs to know the token address, then it quickly sends a buy transaction.
  2. In a coin listing where the address is already known before the listing time. Here, the sniping bots get a larger advantage over manual traders. The sniper checks the liquidity of the pancakeswap pool several times in every second and sends a contract whenever it gets filled.
  3. Limit orders in pancakeswap. It can also be used to execute limit orders and avoids the need of being constantly staring at the graph.


Wallet Information

  • Address: ERC/BSC Wallet address.
  • Private Key: Private key of the ERC/BSC wallet. The private key is kept only locally and it is not share with any other device.

Token Information

  • Contract Address: Address of the conttract you want to snipe in.

Bot Configuration

  • BNB to trade: The amount of BNB you want to use to purchase the token.
  • Max Price to Buy: The maximum price the user is willing to pay for the token. Put a large number if you do not care.
  • Min Price to Sell: The minimum price the user is willing to accept as a selling price.
  • Min Gain to Sell: The minimum gain the user is willing to accept. A 100% gain is equivalent to doing a 2x. If this, and the previous slots are filled, the lowest price will be taken into account.
  • Buy and Sell token: If this box is checked, the bot will buy at listing time and sell whenever any of the conditions is fulfilled. If your intention is to HODL the tokens and you are not interested on selling, you can uncheck the box and the bot will only buy.
  • Price Check Frequency: The frequency in which the bot check if there is liquidity and a trade can be executed.
  • Slippage: The price change percentage you are willing to accept whenever a buy is performed. Usually in listings the price fluctuates due to the buying and selling pressure. This may lead to purchases with a great variation from your original price.
  • Max Gas: The max amount of gas you accept to use. Put this around 800000 to ensure succesful trades
  • Gwei: The greater this value the bigger the chances of buying the first. Usually pancakeswap puts this at 5, however, we recommend a larger value to be faster (>15)
  • Log: The log box will help the user and notify whenever any change or any error happens.


Bot Setup

  • First you need a Ethereum (ERC) / Binance Smart Chain (BSC) wallet, such as Metamask which is easily configurable.
  • Once you create your wallet, you need to save the wallet address (started with 0x…) and the private key, which will be used to perform the transactions using your wallet. For detailed instructions on how to export the private key refer to this article.
  • You need BNB to trade. It can be purchased on Binance or any other exchange. The only thing you need to do is transfer those BNBs to your wallet.
  • Download the executable and run it.
  • Fill the edit-text boxes with your wallet information and the token you want to purchase. Configure the sniper as you wish.
  • Press the Snipe button to start sniping.


We are not responsible for the actions taken with this bot.
There are no guarantees expressed or implied.
The buyer assumes all responsibility and liability.


Code released under the [MIT License](


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