LUNA: a USB multitool & nMigen library

LUNA Library

LUNA is a full toolkit for working with USB using FPGA technology; and provides hardware, gateware, and software to enable USB applications.

Some things you can use LUNA for, currently:

  • Protocol analysis for Low-, Full-, or High- speed USB. LUNA provides both hardware designs and gateware that allow passive USB monitoring. When combined with the ViewSB USB analyzer
    toolkit, LUNA hardware+gateware can be used as a full-featured USB analyzer.
  • Creating your own Low-, Full-, High-, or (experimentally) Super- speed USB device. LUNA provides a collection of nMigen gateware that allows you to easily create USB devices in gateware, software, or a combination of the two.
  • Building USB functionality into a new or existing System-on-a-Chip (SoC). LUNA is capable of generating custom peripherals targeting the common Wishbone bus; allowing it to easily be integrated into SoC designs; and the library provides simple automation for developing simple SoC designs.

Some things you'll be able to use LUNA for in the future:

  • Man-in-the-middle'ing USB communications. The LUNA toolkit will be able to act
    as a USB proxy, transparently modifying USB data as it flows between a host and a device.
  • USB reverse engineering and security research. The LUNA toolkit will serve as an ideal
    backend for tools like FaceDancer; allowing easy
    emulation and rapid prototyping of compliant and non-compliant USB devices.

LUNA Hardware

The LUNA project also includes eponymous multi-tool hardware. This hardware isn't yet suited for end-users; but hardware development has reached a point where current-revision boards (r0.2+) make good development platforms for early community developers.

Building this board yourself isn't for the faint of heart -- as it requires placing two BGA components, including a large FPGA. Still, if you're proficient with rework and FPGA development, feel free to join in the fun!

Project Structure

This project is broken down into several directories:

  • luna -- the primary LUNA python toolkit; generates gateware and provides USB functionality
    • luna/gateware -- the core gateware components for LUNA; and utilities for stitching them together
  • examples -- simple LUNA-related examples; mostly gateware-targeted, currently
  • docs -- sources for the LUNA Sphinx documentation
  • contrib -- contributed/non-core components; such as udev rules
  • applets -- pre-made gateware applications that provide useful functionality on their own (e.g., are more than examples)

Project Documentation

LUNA's documentation is captured on Read the Docs. Raw documentation sources
are in the docs folder.

Related Projects

LUNA hardware is supported by two firmware projects:

  • Apollo, the firmware that runs on LUNA hardware's debug controller,
    and which is responsible for configuring its FPGA.
  • Saturn-V, a DFU bootloader created for LUNA hardware.