A functional demo of the O365 Module to send an email on an authenticated, tokenized account.


  • Create an app in Azure Developer’s portal (to do create visual steps)
  • Create Secret, and copy tennant, client and secret (to do create visual steps)
  • Load the python script, with dotenv, O365


  • Can be imported or copied into your own scripts
  • Usage is email(emailto, emailsubject, emailbody, emailfrom=’[email protected]‘, emailcc=None) _ * Where emailto is your intended recipient
    • emailsubject is the email subject
    • emailbody is the body of the email
    • emailfrom is the email that it’s being sent from. Note that this account must be authorized.
    • emailcc is the CC email address_
  • On first usage, the script will give you a URL to paste into a browser. It will change the URL, and you must copy this back into the script for it to work. You will get a success message.


This is a demonstration of the usage of Microsoft Graph API, as set: https://github.com/O365/python-o365
Super big thanks to https://github.com/jrmatchett for reviewing my code and help refactor it!




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