Motus python game

A game based on Motus, to be played on Unix terminals.

How to play?

Before playing, you need to install all the requirements needed by the game to run. To do so, just type:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Then all you have to do to run the game is to type:


The goal of the game is to guess the word in a defined number of turns (5 by default).

Custom game

You can add several arguments to the command above to customize the game’s parameters.



The minimum size of the word to guess, its default value is 5.


The maximum size of the word to guess, its default value is 10.

Note that if min > max, both will be switched (min will become max and vice-versa). Changing the min and max value can make the chose of the word much longer.


The number of turn you have to guess the word, its default value is 5.


The language of the word to guess. by default, the word will be in French. The following languages are available:

Language Command
English en
EspaƱol / Spanish es
Italiano / Italian it
Euskara / Basque eus


By typing:

python3 --min 4 --max 9 --turns 8 --en

You will be seaching for an English word, from 4 to 9 letters long in 8 turns.


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