Fast and Curious

A game to learn/improve keyboard typing skills. The main idea is to improve your typing skills and at the same time learn fun facts (some even from your own authory!).

How to set up and play the game:

1st -> Download these files from the repository:

   - game(.exe); - parameters(folder); images(folder);
   - texts(folder); - saves(folder); - sounds(folder);

2nd -> Create a new folder and call it: "Fast and Curious";

3rd -> Put all the game files in the folder ("Fast and Curious");

4th -> Run "game.exe";

5th -> Enjoy!!!

Screenshots of the game


The game allows multiple accounts to be created. You can Login and Logout, allowing multiple people to play, learn and practice without loosing your own progress!

Choose account

Game Menu

When you are logged into your account you are presented with multiple possible actions, such as:

  • Learn about the game's story;
  • test your skills and level up;
  • practice your typing with endless mode;
  • Read the game's tutorials (get a better understanding about the enemies, goals, menu options,...);
  • Manage your account (music and effect volume, change password, add customized texts to practice, ...);
  • Logout

Your best speed will be recorded in order for you to keep trac of your progress!

Game Menu


Makes you able to customize your game experience.


Add your own practicing texts

You are able to insert new texts in the game, so that you can practice with them.

New Text

More about the game in this documentation:

Ideas for the future:

-> More Levels:

  - Extend the number of levels so that the game could take the user further in his learning journey;
  - More car evolutions;

-> Multiplayer Option:

  - Local: Connect with local friends and compete with each other;
  - Online:  Connect with online friends and compete with each other. Possible to see other players scores;

-> Player Statistics:

  - Statistical data of the player's learning journey;
  - Smart suggestions/specific directions for improvement;

-> In-Game Shop:

  - New car Skins;
  - Boosts;

-> New Modes to play:

  - New types of Missions. The new Missions must be ways to improve typing skills in funny and enjoyable ways.

-> Achievements:

  - Challanges that make the player win some prizes (could be exclusive car skins, parts,...) when he completes them;

How to support the game:

If you find a bug in the game, need assistance or just have some ideas that could make the game better, you are more than welcome to contact me by email: [email protected].
Make sure that the subject of the email is "Fast and Curious support".

Whays of supporting the game:

-> New car skins:
- Must be a png image with a maximum heigth of 54 pixels and length of 90. The background must be transparent;

-> New ideas:
- Any idea that would make this game better is welcome.