| Description |

basic. I make this game only to train. This is a good project to train your logic game with python language. This game is very simple. It works basically with numbers, “ifs” and “elses”. WARNING: is very likely that it has very errors in the code, “quick fixes” and very problems.

| Libraries and Modules |

Libs: Time and random

Modules: Sleep and randint

| Examples |



| Final explanation |

The program goes take your number and do a verification of “bot” value and your value, and print the result of the game, is that the possible results are: You win, you lose, a tie, and try again. I added some extra functions, but it is optional. The randint is to take a whole number between 0 and 3, the sleep is to add a delay to execute other instructions and the system is to use “clear” and with this, remove the terminal contents ( This function is misplaced. I will fix this error )


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