Plots is a graph plotting app for GNOME. Plots makes it easy to visualise mathematical formulae. In addition to basic arithmetic operations, it supports trigonometric, hyperbolic, exponential and logarithmic functions, as well as arbitrary sums and products.

Plots is designed to integrate well with the GNOME desktop and takes advantage of modern hardware using OpenGL, and currently supports OpenGL 3.3+.

Download on Flathub

Other Methods of Installation

We are looking for volunteers to help us make native packages of Plots for Fedora, Arch and other major distributions. It would be great if you could help either by packaging, or by getting the following into the official repositories.

Distribution Package Maintainer
Ubuntu PPA Archisman Panigrahi
Debian .deb installer Archisman Panigrahi
Arch AUR/AUR(git) Mubashshir

Scroll down and click on a package name to download the .deb file from the PPA to use it in Debian.

You can also install with Python. Open a terminal in the repository and run

# python3 install

Note that this method does not currently install the icon, font or .desktop files. You can then run Plots using the plots command.







Running from source

To run directly without installation, open a terminal in the root of the repository and run

$ python3 -m plots

Building the Flatpak

To generate the manifest for the python modules, download flatpak-pip-generator and run

$ python3 flatpak-pip-generator --requirements-file=flatpak-requirements.txt --no-build-isolation

It is only necessary to do this when flatpak-requirements.txt changes.

Then build and install the Flatpak using

$ flatpak-builder --user --install build --force-clean com.github.alexhuntley.Plots.json