A high efficient, powerful and fast movie scraper.


Source Code Download

git clone https://github.com/demonkingswarn/flix-cli

Given that you have git installed, you can clone the repository from GitHub. If you do not have or want to deal with installation of git, you can simply download the repository using this link.

Additional information: You must have Python installed and in PATH to use this project properly. Your Python executable may be py or python or python3. Only Python 3.6 and higher versions are supported by the project.

Supported Player

Currently supported player:- mpv


You can contact the developer directly via this email. However, the most recommended way is to head to the discord server.

If you run into issues or want to request a new feature, you are encouraged to make a GitHub issue, won’t bite you, trust me.


Website Available Qualities Status / Elapsed Time Content Extension
gdriveplayer 720p, 1080p MP4

How To Get Imdb Tag?

Project Disclaimer

The disclaimer of the project can be found here.


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