This is a Hill 2×2 cipher that totally gone wrong, it encrypts with Hill 2×2 cipher and decrypts with A10 cipher so you need to learn two ciphers in a row and understand my broken ass code to decrypt it.

A10 cipher decrypts everyt Hill 2×2 encrypted texts to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA so good luck with that.

Update 1: Plays beheaded kamikaze sound after decryption.
I will not fix this code, it was supposed to be something different but hey thanks guys for making my day and making me happy. I love you all.

Update 2: Added argsparser support running main.py with -dir “Desired Folder” -ge and -e commands now encrypts the entire folder with .AAAAA extension. It only supports one type of extensions in folder so make sure your folder contains only “.txt”, “.pdf” or any extension. Test it out with py main.py -dir “whereveryoudownloadedthecode\A10_cipher\testfolder” -ge -e

and -dir “whereveryoudownloadedthecode\A10_cipher\testfolder” -d

I need to add multiple types of extension support to turn this into a scary malware.


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