Next Holiday Sensor


This sensor tells you what holiday is coming up next. You can use it to set holiday light
colors or other scenes.

The state of the sensor tells you what the upcoming holiday is. If today is a holiday, the
state will be that holiday. There are sensor attributes showing all the holidays for the
year, whether or not today is a holiday, and how many days there are before the next
holiday. The component will look ahead into the next year for the next holiday.

Holidays are recomputed every year. In the config you can specify what holidays you want
to track. The holidays and config are based on the

An example screenshot


Configuration is set as a sensor of the next_holiday platform. You make a list of
sources, each of which can have the following attributes:

Attribute Type Description Example
country str A country to load holidays from 'USA'
state str A state within the country for state holidays 'WA'
province str A province within the country for state holidays 'ON'
multiday bool If true (default), holidays that span multiple days will be shown mulitiple times. Otherwise, only the first day will be shown true
observed bool If true (default), observed holidays will be included in addition to real ones true
filter list of str A filter where only holidays matching the query will be added [See below]

Multiple country/state/provinces and filters may be combined to get a pretty flexible
list of holidays.

Lists of valid states and province abbreviations can be found
in the underlying library, e.g. here for


Add a sensor to your configuration along the lines of:

  - platform: next_holiday
     - country: "USA"
       state: "WA"
     - country: "Israel"
       multiday: false
         - 'hanukkah'

This loads all normal holidays for the US State of Washington and also
throws in Hanukkah by loading the Israel holidays and filtering everything
but Hanukkah out.


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