Human Action Controller (HAC)


A human action controller running on different platforms.

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Fun Examples

Mouse Control

Mouse Control

Keyboard Control

Keyboard Control

Playing Game


Enhancing interaction

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Solutions provided by HAC

Platform Module Progress Comment
PC / Win10 Mouse Control V
PC / Win10 Keyboard Control V
PC / Ubuntu Mouse Control
PC / Ubuntu Keyboard Control

Getting started


$ pip install pyhac

Run the demo of mouse control

$ git clone
$ cd hac
$ python

Recording custom actions

$ python -d {action name} -k True

Press key "r" to start recording, the data will be saved into ./data

Training a custom module

Here is an example of a config file of action set,

    "actions": [
    "type": "gesture_only"

These actions form a model by running a training process:

$ python --conf {path_of_action} --model_name {name_of_model}

The generated model will become a module. Take mouse control module as an exmaple, it can create mappings among actions and controls by the following code:

mouse_module = hac.add_module("mouse_control")

# create mapping between controls and actions
mouse_module.add_mouse_mapping("mouse_left_down", ["r_five", "r_zero"])
mouse_module.add_mouse_mapping("mouse_left_up", "r_five")
mouse_module.add_mouse_mapping("mouse_right_down", ["l_five", "l_zero"])
mouse_module.add_mouse_mapping("mouse_right_up", "l_five")
mouse_module.add_mouse_mapping("right_move_diff", ["r_five", "r_five"])
mouse_module.add_mouse_mapping("right_move_diff", ["r_zero", "r_zero"])
mouse_module.add_mouse_mapping("left_move_diff", ["l_five", "l_five"])
mouse_module.add_mouse_mapping("left_move_diff", ["l_zero", "l_zero"])
mouse_module.add_mouse_mapping("roll_up", "two_index_fingers_up")
mouse_module.add_mouse_mapping("roll_down", "two_index_fingers_down") 

If the five gesture with a right hand shows in consecutive two frames ["r_five", "r_five"], then do control right_move_diff, which means moving the mouse cursor. The above description can be represented by the following code:

mouse_module.add_mouse_mapping("right_move_diff", ["r_five", "r_five"])