Cyclic ‘s Kernel

—- A iot Bike sytem based on RaspberryPi, Ardiuino, etc

0x1 What is This?

Cyclic ‘s Kernel is an independent System With self-producing energy iot Web control, The system ‘s Energy Source is a 12V6W Generater. And The Voltage, Current is not cocerned, Now, I will introduce those stuff to You Plan.pdf
Also, for a extra info, Lots of our code is based on lots of thoughts on internet

0x2 Basic plans

Our plan inclues that:

  • Generater
  • Clock(Shows Velocity&Time)
  • Controled turning light
  • Energy Store Device
  • Other IOT Devices


For our Generaters, We selected A 12V6WGenerater , So Far, The maximum of it is aboat 5~6V
But, We were not exclude That the generater can generate above 6V, So far, The generater ‘s voltage output had exceed our’s minimum request.


We chose to install it on the wire of the tire It work pretty well, We can get 5~6v during a normal ride.


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