A library for interfacing with Path of Exile game and economy data, and a set of item filters geared towards trade league players.

Filter Generation

Wraeblast provides an experimental, feature-rich
item filter development framework and toolkit, as well as a
dogfooded trade league filter.

⚠️ DISCLAIMER: ⚠️ This is an experimental, proof-of-concept project,
and the author is not responsible for any loss of currency or efficiency
as a result of using this project's filters. Please use FilterBlade
for regular gameplay unless you're brave enough to deal with a pre-alpha

Framework Features

  • Economy insights API powered by poe.ninja
  • Integration with pandas for data normalization and analysis
  • Local caching and rate limiting
  • Powerful extended item filter framework
  • Internally uses single API to express both standard and extended
    filter rules
  • Jinja2-templated YAML filter format
  • Some extended filter features include:
  • Rule tagging
  • Presets (i.e. feature flags)
  • Styles
  • Template environment helpers for ? color manipulation, ? economy
    data quantization and grouping, ? filter alert sound generation
    (TTS), and more
  • Matplotlib colormap integration, enabling procedural
    generation of item-based (not just tier-based like many popular
    community filters) filter colors.
  • ...and many other technical features under the hood.

Filter Features

? Quantile based variants for efficient farming.

Currently provides two variants: D2 (2nd decile) and QU4 (4th
quintile). Additional quantiles will probably be included in nightly
releases, depending on feedback and experimentation.

? 54 colormaps (108 if you include reversed colormaps, indicated
by an _r prefix) included per quantile variant.

There are even more colormap palettes available, it would just be too
cost prohibitive to include them all at present. See the
Palettable documentation for colormap previews (only sequential
colormaps are used).

Some form of item filter preview may be added as a feature in the
future, but for now either refer to the documentation or just try them
out in game.

? AWS Polly Neural Text-To-Speech (NTTS) powered
synthesized alert sounds for ✨all✨ valuable filter rules (quantile

Get instant, aural feedback for currency, fragments, skill gems,
cluster jewels, and more. Anything tracked by poe.ninja can be
supported by TTS.

Filter sounds for relevant items are also generated for varying stack
sizes, for more accurate chaos value approximations.

The Aria (New Zealand English, appropriately) voice is currently the
default for the trade league filters included with this project, but
any voice supported by AWS Polly can be used when developing new

TLDR: think of quantiles like strictness, with an
arguably better ranking of item and currency value in a trade league
than hard-coded tiers.



Download the filter variant(s) of your choice from the releases,
as well as the latest, compressed TTS filter sounds. Extract both
the .filter and the FilterSounds directory to your Path of Exile

Filter syncing is currently not supported, and would be largely useless
regardless without a way to sync filter sound files.

Note that updating the filter also requires updating the TTS files,
and you can simply choose to overwrite existing files every time, or
delete the entire TTS folder before installing the latest version.

Rationale Development Manifesto

  • Path of Exile's current loot system requires complex filters for
    efficient gameplay ?
  • Complex filters require a ? filter generation/templating layer ?
    (this is exactly what NeverSink has done)
  • Many community maintained filters (including NeverSink's) are
    ✨ awesome ✨ and work well for the majority of the playerbase,
    but have some shortcomings:
  • ? Über strict isn't always über enough for softcore juiced map
    blasters (filter "strictness" in general is a trap)
  • ? Filter customization is somewhat limiting and tedious to do
    through a web interface (loot filters are code)
  • ? Economy-based presets and filters leverage a small subset of the
    available data from poe.ninja
  • ? Filter rules take the kitchen sink approach and include a large
    amount of rules for low-value recipes and items
  • ? Default alert sounds and sound rules are usually sparse, and
    adding custom sounds is a time-consuming process


  │                        │
  │ .yaml.j2 filter source ├────┐
  │                        │    │  ┌─────────────────────┐  ┌──────────┐
  └────────────────────────┘    │  │                     │  │          │
                                ├──┤    rendered .yaml   ├──┤  final   │
┌─────────────────────────────┐ │  │ intermediate filter │  │ .filter  │
│                             │ │  │                     │  │          │
│ .config.json filter options ├─┘  └─────────────────────┘  └──────────┘
│                             │
  1. Economy insights data (currently just poe.ninja) is fetched and cached
  2. The .yaml.j2 is rendered with the economy data, colormaps, and filter
    option overrides from the .config.json file as context, if provided.
  3. The resulting intermediate .yaml  is then parsed by the extended
    filter parser, and outputs a final .filter file, and any associated


See wraeblast --help and wraeblast render_filter --help for detailed
command line usage.

❯ wraeblast render_filter \
    -l Expedition \
    -d output \
    -O filters/softcore.config.json \
    -o softcore.filter -i -vvv filters/softcore.yaml.j2

For detailed library installation instructions and usage, see the
technical documentation.


  • [X] Base filter generation functionality that nobody cares about
  • [ ] Basic filters for different play styles: HC SSF, SC SSF, casual,
    deli farming, harby farming, legion farming, and all-around blasting ?
  • [ ] Features for league launches: shimming new item classes without
    relying on poe.ninja data, early league specific colormaps,
    thresholds, etc.
  • [ ] Performance improvements
  • [ ] Unit tests and documentation
  • [ ] Filter preview image generation
  • [ ] Filter compression/deduping of rules
  • [ ] Investigate auto-updating, but yet another downloadable tool to
    do it is out of the question (probably)
  • [ ] Integration with poeprofit (i.e. dedicated styles and sounds
    for profitable strategies)
  • [ ] Web frontend for downloading up-to-date filters (sans
    the complex configuration menus full of knobs and sliders and color
  • [ ] Become obsolete when PoE 2 comes out ?


Additional features and tools are planned and will be incorporated into
this project in the near future.

GitHub - darvid/wraeblast: A library for interacting with Path of Exile game and economy data, and a unique loot filter generation framework.
A library for interacting with Path of Exile game and economy data, and a unique loot filter generation framework. - GitHub - darvid/wraeblast: A library for interacting with Path of Exile game and...