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A library to easily convert climbing route grades between different grading systems.

In rock climbing, mountaineering, and other climbing disciplines, climbers give a grade to a climbing route or boulder problem, intended to describe concisely the difficulty and danger of climbing it. Different types of climbing (such as sport climbing, bouldering or ice climbing) each have their own grading systems, and many nationalities developed their own, distinctive grading systems.


The recommended installation is via pip:

pip install pyclimb


import pyclimb

pyclimb.convert(grade='6a+', to='YDS')
// '5.10b'
pyclimb.convert(grade='9c', to='YDS')
// '5.15d'


This is a package under active development. Currently, only the following conversions are being supported:

Other conversions and different types of climbing will be included soon. These changes may drastically change the user-facing API, so do consult the semantic versioning of this package before upgrading to a newer version.

How to contribute

If you wish to contribute, this is a great place to start!


Distributed under the MIT License.


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