This is a library to work with the radiation detector and spectrometer RadiaCode-101.

The project is still under development and not stable. Thus, the API might change in the future.

Example project (backend, frontend):


Installation and example projects

# install library together with all the dependencies for the examples, remove [examples] if you don't need them
$ pip3 install 'radiacode[examples]' --upgrade

# launch the webserver from the screenshot above
# bluetooth: replace with the address of your device
$ python3 -m radiacode-examples.webserver --bluetooth-mac 52:43:01:02:03:04
# or the same, but via usb
$ sudo python3 -m radiacode-examples.webserver

# simple example for outputting information to the terminal, options are similar to the webserver example
$ python3 -m radiacode-examples.basic

# send data to the public monitoring project narodmon.ru
$ python3 -m radiacode-examples.narodmon --bluetooth-mac 52:43:01:02:03:04


$ poetry install
$ poetry run python3 radiacode-examples/basic.py --bluetooth-mac 52:43:01:02:03:04 # or without --bluetooth-mac for USB connection