A lightweight, fully customizable, Discord exploit executor and selfbot, created by Roover and Shell.


Important Info:

Version: Lite | Developer Discord ID: 902290188858978305 |

~ Notable Features ~

  • Discord Exploit Toolkit
  • NSFW Restriction Bypass
  • Spoiler Chat Glitch
  • Voice Call Denial of Service
  • Token Unverifier
  • Block Bypass
  • Destruction Commands
  • WebJack
  • Nuker
  • Token Bruteforce
  • Nitro Bruteforce
  • API Mass-Report
  • Miscellaneous
  • Denial of Service
  • Server Pinger
  • PYNmap Tools

Bot ToS & Information


Download the script, and download Python (). Open cmd prompt, and cd to the spot where the script was saved. Eg. cd downloads/scripts/roovercord. Then do python to begin. Remember to add your token, username, and password to the .env file via any code editor.


Coders can customize the behavior of the script in ODev/dev.json (If they know what they’re doing). In the ODev folder, you can also find the manual.txt file which explains error codes and provides additional info. User customization is in the .env and user.json files. There you can add a password, your token, your preferred name, spam messages, and whether you’d like a custom status to appear upon running the bot. That’s all, enjoy! If you have any questions write an issue.


To learn about specific error codes and what they mean, see the notes file in the OSettings folder!


This script is made for research and educational purposes only.

  1. With a powerful script comes great responsibility. From the download point on, you acknowledge that your actions with the script, whether malicious or educational, are your responsibility.

  1. It is important to also note that SelfBots are strictly against Discord ToS, and any actions taken against your account aren’t my fault. You have been warned.

  1. Lastly, and most importantly, any damage done to the script by editing is your fault and not my problem. Unless there is an issue with the original script, don’t DM me.


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