SMSMAN Public API Python

This is a lightweight library that works as a connector to Sms-Man public API


pip install smsman



Usage examples:

from smsman.smsman import Smsman

api_key = ""

client = Smsman(api_key)

#  Get current balance

#  Get information about all services

#  Get information about all countries

#  Get the number of numbers for the selected country and service
print(client.get_limits(country_id=1, application_id=1))

#  Buy new number
request_id, phone_number = client.request_phone_number(country_id=1,

#  Receive a SMS to the number
sms_code = client.get_sms(request_id)

Referral program

Detailed conditions of the affiliate program:

  1. The referral program was created exclusively to stimulate and the dissemination of information about the
  2. Each registered user can take part in the referral program.
  3. The number of invited users by one user - unlimited
  4. The inviting user is called the referrer, and the invited user is called the referral
  5. The referrer who invited a new active referral receives 3% of the costs of the referral
  6. The maximum amount of referral deductions from one referral is limited to $10. Upon reaching this amount accruals are suspended.
  7. Referral funds are withdrawn within 24 hours of the application. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5. Transfer to account is carried out instantly and without commission.
  8. The administration has the right to refuse to pay funds if facts of fake up invited users or other cases of abuse of the referral program are established.

How do I use the referral program in the API?

Find your referral code here

from smsman.smsman import Smsman

api_key = ""
ref_code = ""

client = Smsman(api_key, ref_code)