toroidal – a lightweight transformer library for PyTorch

Toroidal transformers are of smaller size and lower weight than the more common E-I types. This is the software equivalent.

This is a small and educational project, not big and professional like the transformers library.

  • Simplicity! We only cover very popular transformer types and keep implementations things simple and beautiful.

  • Hightlight similarities. We try not to copy-paste code between almost identical implementations.

  • PyTorch first and only. We do not provide everything for everyone, but focus on PyTorch and use PyTorchy coding style. Ideally, our models work well with TorchScript.

Important Note

For the time being, we will emphasize beautiful code over backward compatibility, so things will break. Don’t use it for things you cannot fix.


Why not minGPT? I love minGPT, but I needed BERT.

Why not transformers? I wanted small, but if you have to ask, you should use them instead.


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