A linear regression model for house price prediction.

  1. This code is using these packages, so please make sure your have installed them:

    a. numpy
    b. pandas (please use the latest version: 1.3.3, lower version may cause some error)
    c. matplotlib

  2. If you found you have trouble with updating python or those packages, you can create anaconda environment to do so. Here is a link of the instruction to set up and use anaconda environment:

    If use anaconda environment, you should use the following command to activate the anaconda environment:

    conda activate
  3. File description The model file

    HousePrice_train.csv: The training set

    HousePrice_dev.csv: The validation set

    Competition_test.csv: The “real” data set, who has no correct prediction value

    Above are using files, so make sure to let them in the same directory, the code is using relative path.

    The rest of files, including those inside the folder “Figures” are generated by the code.


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